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Nyati Concrete Slab’s Uitenhage : 10 Reasons why Nyati Slabs precast concrete structures save money on building projects


Using Nyati Slabs precast concrete in Uitenhage benefits the bottom line of any project that involves construction with concrete. You can use it for everything from roofs, walls, floors, beams, columns, and just about any other part of a building for less money than concrete cast on-site.


Concrete is involved in the majority of significant projects and makes up 60% of the built environment. At Nyati Concrete Slabs, Inc., our customers often ask us questions about Nyati Slabs precast concrete structures, and we’re happy to share information about the advantages they offer.


Most people’s first question is how Nyati Slabs precast concrete can save money compared to standard concrete construction in Uitenhage. Many facets of Nyati Slabs precast concrete produce these cost savings, the most significant of which are the moulds and forms used to make precast concrete.


Precast moulds can be used hundreds of times before they are recycled and replaced. Steel forms used for casting Nyati Slabs precast concrete components typically last for multiple decades before they are removed from service! On-site Nyati Slabs concrete construction forms are not typically reused or recycled. Construction companies must build new moulds for each project. Because of this, they are using Nyati Slabs precast concrete is less wasteful and more environmentally friendly than other options.


Naturally, people wonder, “what is the cost of a Nyati Slabs precast unit?” The price depends on many factors, including the size of the structure, what kind of finish the concrete has, the number of moulds needed and whether the moulds are standard or highly customized.


Uitenhage On-site concrete casting requires numerous workers, vehicles and equipment. The transportation of each person and piece of machinery to the construction site adds expenses to the project.


While Nyati Slabs precast concrete panels require transport when they’re finished and ready, the operation is much cleaner and more efficient than the line of mixer trucks needed for on-site casting. Of course, each company must conduct its cost comparison to figure out how much they would save, but fewer labour hours and reduced need to transport machinery always create savings.


Slabs of different shapes and sizes serve a variety of industrial or architectural purposes. For example, precast architectural concrete can be the building façade, while its prestressed precast cousin might help a foundational role.


Part of the beauty of Nyati Slabs precast concrete is that it isn’t a secret exclusive to just one industry. Instead, it is helpful for a variety of concrete building projects that span numerous industries, including:

  • Multi-residential housing development
  • Construction companies
  • Office & Shopping Mall Development
  • Government (public sector) entities
  • Hospitality industry
  • Manufacturing/production facilities
  • Parking garages & parking decks
  • Retail establishments

Regardless of the Uitenhage business or type of construction project, the savings from Nyati Slabs precast concrete come in many forms. They include increased safety, faster construction, a long-lasting building and an array of others that depend on the project.


Nyati Slabs precast concrete moulds allow manufacturers to respond quickly to orders for projects, whether they’re large or small, elaborate or simple. In addition, since precasters cast and cure the concrete within a controlled environment, the weather does not affect the production schedule with on-site concrete.


Contractors and business owners alike know that time delays lead to lost dollars. The reliability of precast production and curing enables more secure profits as compared to on-site projects. The companies requesting the concrete for their project will also appreciate the reduced risk of delays.


Like cast-in-place concrete, there is quite a bit of planning and design into a precast project. The project leaders must consider the architectural vision to form a solid strategy before making or filling any moulds.


Many variables contribute to the quality of concrete, but the production process for Nyati Slabs precast concrete enables control over more of them than on-site casting. In a precast plant, the mix is well-measured and exact, and the climate is controlled.


Experts monitor the concrete as it’s made, cast and cured to ensure quality. Every concrete project is an investment, so it matters how long it lasts and how much maintenance it needs. The investment value decreases if the structure begins to crumble before expected, but investment value increases if the system lasts longer than anticipated. Nyati Slabs precast concrete typically requires less maintenance and has a longer life cycle.


The benefits of this type of concrete production apply to many different kinds of precast structures:


  • Beams
  • Box culverts
  • Bridges
  • Buffer walls
  • Floors
  • Planks
  • Road pavement
  • Roofs
  • Settlement and treatment tanks
  • Stairs
  • Stormwater treatment
  • Sound-absorptive walls
  • Walking surfaces
  • Walls

Nyati Slabs precast concrete is both versatile and reliable, which means that it is ideal for various structure types.


If an accident occurs during a construction project, employee and citizen safety can become endangered, as can the finances of the companies responsible. The impressive safety record of precast projects helps to reduce these risks.

With on-site mixing and casting, some silica dust may escape and problematic for people with respiratory problems.


Workers cast Nyati Slabs precast concrete at ground level, which eliminates the need to work at heights and odd angles. While sometimes on-site casting is necessary, the risks associated with plant-cast concrete casting are significantly reduced. In addition, these aspects of precast casting produce fewer accidents than cast-in-place concrete.


Nothing beats the strength of concrete, even more so when it’s prepared consistently and cured in an ideal environment. This durability makes Nyati Slabs precast concrete a perfect material for structures that need to be secure and long-lasting.


The materials and processes used in a building’s construction play a significant role in energy efficiency. Nyati Slabs precast concrete can be customized to allow for energy-efficient elements such as recessed windows, vertical fins and shading.


Nyati Slabs precast concrete can be produced to match the existing building when used in an additional project or made to blend with adjacent or neighbouring structures.


The variety of processes that manufacturers can apply to the concrete makes it possible to replicate the look of many, if not most, surfaces. As a result, Nyati Slabs precast concrete serves as an affordable alternative to expensive stone, masonry or tile.


Nyati Concrete Slabs, Inc. encourages questions about how Nyati Slabs precast concrete could benefit your business or projects. Our family business started making concrete in 1987. Over the years, we’ve added members to our team of professionals with expert-level knowledge in everything concrete, from concept and design to usage and maintenance.


We serve businesses and individuals from Uitenhage to the province, significant hubs and outlying areas in South Africa.


Nyati Concrete Slabs has completed a wide range of projects, including hotels, schools, dormitories, apartments, medical centres, and parking structures, retail centres, and warehouses. We enjoy helping clients realize the cost advantages of Nyati Slabs precast concrete and look forward to each project.


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