How to choose a Concrete Slab Manufacturer in Ladysmith

How to choose a Concrete Slab Manufacturer in Ladysmith

There are so many things that can go wrong on a construction site; from lack of funds, unpredictable weather changes in Ladysmith  to unforeseen delivery delays and so the list goes on. The benefits of precast concrete slabs are many but the most notable advantage would be the precise, off-site production. With skilled manufacturing done in a controlled environment, you can tick many of these issues off that list. However, choosing the right manufacturer in Ladysmith  for the job is also an important part of this process. This decision will impact on-time delivery, affordable prices, an excellent product and an overall disaster free building experience. Here are some details to consider when choosing a manufacturer.


Concrete Slab Type

When it comes to precast concrete slabs in Ladysmith , there are a variety of options to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider construction times, costs of concrete or on-site labour when deciding which precast concrete slab type is best for you. Here are a few precast slab types available at Nyathi Slabs in Ladysmith :


  • Conventional Rib and Block: This is the most popular precast concrete slab type, being used for over 40 years. It is an easy installation and does not require any skilled labour.
  • T-Beam Slabs: Another popular design, similar to the conventional rib and block slab that offers versatility for apertures, irregular shapes and down-lighters but a quicker installation time.
  • TASS System: This floor slab uses polyblocks with galvanised steel rather than concrete, meaning the components are lightweight and do not require propping during installation


Whether it be a new project or a refurbishment, these types of precast concrete have proven successful. Consider the precast concrete slab type that would be best suited to your needs when choosing a concrete slab manufacturer in Ladysmith .


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Concrete Slab Price

Another factor to consider when choosing a precast concrete slab manufacturer in Ladysmith  would be affordability, one of the many benefits of concrete. Precast concrete slabs give you the opportunity to receive a high-quality product with significantly less labour costs. A precast manufacturer such as Nyathi slabs will get significant discounts on materials due to bulk purchases which will help with reducing overall costs. Nyathi Slabs have experience in precast concrete slabs for residential homes, schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centres, as well as commercial office buildings. In order for Nyathi Precast concrete slab to calculate the most accurate prices for your build, they will require detailed drawings with measurements and not simply estimated square metres.


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Quality Services


There are a lot of technical details to consider when searching for a precast concrete slab manufacturer in Ladysmith  but it is also important to consider whom will operate with customer’s needs at the forefront. Affordable prices and precast slab variety are important but if customer service, on-time delivery, trust and reliability are not understood as ‘business as usual’, then the advantages of precast begin to fade. Nyathi Slabs have been operating in the Ladysmith  area for a number of year and pride themselves on their world class service, highly skilled staff and exceptional customer satisfaction records. They believe that their Engineer designed slab solutions, on site technical back up & consultation, manufacture & delivery of slab components and 24 hr quotation turn around make them a Precast Slab industry leader.


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